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Yes, we are fully insured for all of our events with a $1M liability policy. If your venue requires a copy of our policy, we can email them our Certificate of Insurance.

Our performers are always formally dressed for all wedding receptions. The DJ & MC wear a full suit and tie for your event. For any event other than a wedding, we will wear khakis & a black company polo or a dress shirt.

Yes, while our main focus is on South Asian weddings, our DJs & MCs have diverse music libraries and can handle all types of events. We have performed at multiple mixed weddings before, and are fully equipped with all genres of music. We work collaboratively with couples to ensure that both of their cultures are represented on their wedding day.

We accept personal/bank checks, all major credit cards, money orders, cash, Venmo, Zelle Pay, and Apple Cash. Please note there is a 5% service fee for credit cards used to process any payments.

There are no hidden fees, charges, or sales tax.

Our only travel charge would be for events that take place more than 60 minutes of driving time from our office in Middlesex, NJ. The price varies depending on the package booked and travel distance.

We charge a 15% retainer fee to reserve our services. Retainers are due upon the signing of a contract.

Each DJ or MC is only booked on one wedding event per day. This allows them to focus on preparing for your event only.
We always have available staff on call should we need them in the case of an emergency. Though we have never had to exercise that option, we are always prepared for the worst case scenario.
Most events are anywhere between 4-6 hours in total, and includes setup/breakdown time, and all equipment and services booked for your event.

Of course! We primarily focus on South Asian weddings so we understand the complications that may occur. We just need an approximate start and end time of each event (Garba/Sangeet, Baraat, Ceremony, Reception) for logistical purposes at the time of booking. You can provide us the exact timings and details on the itinerary a month before your wedding.

Our pricing is based on your event details, services, and requirements. We’d be happy to provide a discount if a concrete pipeline of clients is guaranteed for us at the time of booking.

For weddings and receptions, most people book us 6 months to 1 year or more in advance. For smaller events, we typically recommend booking 3-4 months in advance, but there are some occasions where we book events just a few weeks before the event date if we are still available.

While we do not reserve dates unless a contract is signed and a retainer fee is paid, the best we can do is notify you if someone else is inquiring for the same date as yours.

DJs, MCs & Music

Bollywood (Old & New), Mainstream/Bollywood Punjabi, Jatt Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Top 40, Hip Hop, Spanish, Reggae, Dance, Jazz, Pop, R&B, House/EDM, Gujarati Lagna Geet, Nadaswaram, Shehnai, Nasheed, Chutney/Soca/Dancehall and much more!
Of course! After our initial sales meeting or call, we can schedule an in person meeting at our office in Middlesex, NJ or schedule a call where you can meet and speak with the DJ or MC you are looking to book. We feel it’s important to connect with them on a personal level before your event.
Each of our performers have a different and unique style of mixing. Our performers are polished and have years of experience under their belts before ever being placed on a wedding. Our MCs have a professional approach to announcements. Many DJs try to be the center of attention at the reception, but we firmly believe that your event is a reflection of your personality. We have no interest in taking the spotlight away from your special day.
Yes, on our coordination folder and itineraries, there is a section involving music choices and there is a DO and DO NOT play list area included. We follow this!
Yes, if you would like to visit us at an event we are performing at, please let us know in advance so we can give you some date and venue options. While we do allow this, we personally feel it is better to get to know us and see our work in a more calm environment at our office. We can do a live demo for you at our office with the genre of music you like, unlike at an event where we can only play the music choice of our clients for that day.
Yes, we have a 3,600 sq. ft office and warehouse space filled with our equipment. We also have backup equipment available in the event of a failure.
Of course! As a full service entertainment company, we offer a wide range of services and add-ons. Please refer to our Services page for more information about each of our services.
Absolutely not. We firmly believe your event is about you not us. We do not want to take the spotlight away from you. We let our work speak for itself. If a guest is pleased with our services they will ask for our contact information.
This depends on the services you have booked for your event. The more services you have booked, the earlier we will be there for setup. For a basic sound and DJ setup, we will usually be there about 30 to 45 minutes before the event. For a larger setup or wedding, we typically arrive 2-3 hours before the event. Rest assured, all our equipment is always set up prior to your event’s start time.

For weddings, yes, the DJ will also MC the event. You also have the option of booking a separate MC from our team to host the event. All of our MCs speak charismatically and have a professional approach to formalities as they unfold. 

For smaller events, if you did not book a separate MC part of your package, the DJ will make basic announcements, such as appetizers and dinner, but someone in your family would have to MC the formalities. We highly recommend a DJ & MC package.

You can let us know how much interaction you would like from the MC. We understand it is your wedding day and we don’t like to take that attention away from you. Our MCs are very flexible and can portray the style and amount of interaction you would like on your special day. Our MCs will make sure the event is running smoothly, speak clearly, make all the announcements, and hype up the crowd before introductions. Overall, our MCs make sure there is never a dull moment throughout your event.
Yes, this is our specialty. Our DJs & MCs can read the crowd and the circumstances of the event to really motivate the crowd to get on the dancefloor. We also give our clients helpful planning tips during our coordination calls and meetings that can prevent this from ever happening in the first place.
As long as all equipment/services are running smoothly throughout the event, it is possible that a member of our staff will take a break. Rest assured, there will always be at least 1 team member present and making sure nothing goes wrong.
Yes, we usually recommend that our couple choose the key songs for your event, such as all family entrances for all events, first dance, and cake cutting. Usually couples like to choose songs that have a sentimental meaning behind them for these key moments. If you need help picking songs, we do provide a sample music selection list to help get ideas from.
No, in fact, we suggest you don’t pick each and every song for the dance floor. In our past experience, we have found the best events are those where our clients give us guidance as to their favorite music genres and a few songs from each genre. Our DJs will be able to take these suggestions, and read the crowd accordingly. Our DJ’s are experienced in reading all types of audiences, so with your vision in mind, we can curate a diversified playlist suited to your event.
We do our best to play as many of them as we can, while keeping our judgement and the integrity of the dance floor in mind. For example, if a specific request will jeopardize the integrity of the dance floor and cause guests to leave, we will either play a similar song or potentially play it at a later time. Our DJ’s can predict how a song will impact a packed dance floor, so at the end of the day the DJ will make the final call.
No, in fact, that is very common. We do not charge for a cocktail hour speaker when you are booking a full day wedding with us.
Most of the time, caterers and venues always have plenty of extra food when it is buffet style so you do not have to stress about adding extra guests to the total catering count. If you have plated food being served, do not feel compelled to include us in the meal count.

For the end of the reception, we do not mind going 5-10 minutes over as long as your venue allows this and the circumstances allow.

Customer Reviews

“...they EXCEEDED all of our expectations...”
“Luxe Event Group is by far the BEST company I have hired!”
“...professional, courteous, and responsive...”
“The whole experience was AMAZING!”
“From when I first met the team to later meetings - I could tell they were FOCUSED on delivering the best product possible.”
“...very easy to work with...”
“...would HIGHLY RECOMMEND these guys...”
“...one of the best choices we made...”
“During the events, I am not exaggerating when I say THEY WERE PERFECTION.”
“...looked over every detail of the wedding carefully...”
“Everything from the MC, coordination, to audio/visuals and pyrotechnics was executed perfectly.”
“...very PASSIONATE about what they do...”
“I would not hesitate to work with them again and have already RECOMMENDED them to my friends who are engaged/getting married!”
“...gave us HONEST advice...”
“...kept the dance floor going all night...”
“We had a fusion wedding and the team keyed into the unique challenges of a fusion wedding and ensured pronunciations and event timing was PERFECT.”
“...guests absolutely LOVED their work...”
“From the beginning, Luxe PUT US AT EASE regarding our DJ needs but our expectations were far surpassed.”
“...great with requests and reading the vibe of the crowd...”
“From our initial conversation to the day of, they were very professional, organized, and UNDERSTANDING.”
“...arrived ON TIME and had no issues or lack of equipment...”
“...worked with us for developing and making a very clear cut itinerary...”
“THANK YOU for making my wedding a wedding to remember”
“...helped with recommending other vendors...”
“After our first meeting, my husband wanted Luxe while I wanted someone else, but I am so THANKFUL that we ended up booking Luxe.”
“We did not have to worry about a single detail because they had everything figured out and they worked with my planners super well.”
“...ACCOMODATING to last minute changes we made to our itinerary...”
“Each and every moment was nothing short of PHENOMENAL!”
“...they were easy to talk to...”
“...treated us like FAMILY…”
“...their music selection was EXCELLENT...”
“I remember seeing all my loved ones on the dance floor on our wedding day, and that was all thanks to this team! People really ENJOYED the music and the MC'ing!”
“They read the audience well and keyed into the music that kept people moving - it is their PASSION.”
“...they never missed a cue...”
“...genuinely cared about the subtle DETAILS...”
“I would be glad to book them again for my younger brother’s wedding without hesitation - the day we set a date is the day we call Luxe to DJ our next wedding!”
“...their energy is UNMATCHED from the baarat to the reception...”
“...knew exactly what we needed and gave us a great price...”
“Luxe Event Group was one of the BEST things about our wedding!”
“...they were very PROFESSIONAL, timely, and delivered their services perfectly...”
“They made us feel like they were in it with us and not just another day at the job or another client.”
“...the dance floor was PACKED during the entire reception...”
“...many of our guests inquired about them as they were so impressed with their FLAWLESS execution...”
“...they were very flexible when it came to putting on the event that WE wanted...”
“Arjun and the rest of the Luxe team were incredible to work with. They are super ORGANIZED and helped make the planning process easy."
“...they were absolutely phenomenal and I can't thank them enough...”
“...very helpful and gave suggestions that HELPED us make our events better and run smoother...”
“We asked for something "different" to make our reception UNIQUE and they were able to come up with something and our guests loved it.”

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